18th Birthday Gift Finder

18th Birthday Gift Finder

In oder to make finding the best 18th birthday gifts easier we have created this 18th birthday gift finder page which directs you to the best birthday gift finder tools at top trusted UK suppliers.

Don't forget the present you choose for an 18th will need to represent the level of excitement the recipient is experiencing at this super cool time in their life.

What do you choose? Is the 18th birthday present for him, is it for her? A brother, a sister, a son, a daughter? Or is it just for a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend?

Do you get them a personalized gift, maybe with their name engraved, or the date, or both. Maybe you want to be cheeky and get them a funny gag gift, or a naughty 18th gift.

Whatever you think fits the best, make sure it's a fun gift. You can use these recommended 18th gift finders and narrow down your search...

18th Birthday Gift Finder 


18th Birthday - UK Gift Suppliers

A persons 18th birthday mainly signifies the commencing of adulthood in our ever changing culture, even if that person is no more mature now they’re 18 than they were when they were only 13 years old. Most parents and families treat their child’s 18th birthday with great significance as it denotes the beginning of their journey into the real world, no longer will they be treated like children, now they have to fend for themselves and pay their own way in life.

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18th Birthday Gifts

Since the change in the age of maturity from 21 to 18 once a person turns 18 it generally means that they are now legal to do anything and everything that any other adult can. This includes things such as being able to purchase age restricted products in shops, participate in voting, depending on your financial status you could get a mortgage or a credit card. On the other hand your completely liable for your own actions, your parents have no legal responsibility for you so if you get yourself in to trouble – you’re on your own.

For someone’s 18th birthday people usually like to give a gift their going to remember for the rest of their life, this includes both jokey, serious and novelty gifts. Many people like to hire a limousine for their 18th and get driven around with a group of friends; others prefer to have a large party with all their friends and family or similarly parents like to throw large surprise parties for their child’s 18th birthday.

Traditional 18th birthday presents are things like a Traditionally shaped Silver Key, once a person turns 18 they traditionally receive a key to the front door of the house, the Silver Key to the door is a lovely keepsake which could also symbolise the key to adulthood. Another gift usually given on someone’s 18th is a silver horseshoe which symbolises good luck for future life it serves as a unique keepsake to remind the person of their very special day. Champagne is also a gift given by people for someone’s 18th because of its value and significance.

Now that a person has turned 18 people give more adult gifts, such as a cufflink and tiepin set. Personalised cufflinks with the number 18 are available to remind the person of their very special 18th birthday.

General 18th Birthday Gifts

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